There are many excellent copy editing services out there but the one thing you will not get from them is my specialty: developing your skills instead of making changes in the background! I don’t just trim and transform your work into a concise and stylistically appropriate text, I also tell you what I did, why I did it and give key suggestions for your future work.

I’m an experienced proofreader and copy editor who specialises in academic work. During the last decade I have worked on countless papers, book chapters, funding proposals, theses, dissertations and essays. Although I’m no stranger to other fields, my focus lies on written works from the humanities as I possess the necessary academic expertise for these from my own studies. I have proofread and copy edited texts for academic scholars and students and am currently a voluntary proofreader for Language Science Press. My teaching background does not allow me to stop there just yet though; that is why each text comes with feedback to help you improve!

How does my Copy Editing approach work?

  1. I copy edit texts in German or English and can also translate abstracts from one language into the other.
  2. Book a free consultation via the online system or send an email detailing the type and length of your work, the deadline, your requirements and expectations on what services you require (proofreading, copy editing, mini translation, feedback session, etc.)
  3. After I have finished working on your text I will arrange a feedback session where we discuss your writing style and suggestions for your future written work.
  4. Because of my customised approach I cannot change per word; instead my services are based on an hourly rate starting at EUR 35,-/60 mins.