Do you speak Academia? I do, and so can you! My vast professional experience in academic settings and as a teacher of Academic English and German enable me to create lessons where you:

  • Improve your academic writing by learning how to structure your works and frame your ideas in a coherent and stylistically appropriate way.
  • Learn how to organise and express your thoughts in speaking and writing.
  • Practise how to compare and contrast arguments and how to react to counter-statements.
  • Understand how to assess and use credible sources to support your ideas.
  • Become a presentation pro by choosing and structuring the content logically and mastering the rhetoric that makes people listen to you.

How can I book lessons?

  1. Book a free trial lesson via the online system.
  2. Think about your goal: What do you want to achieve by taking lessons?
  3. Take the excellent written placement test by the British Council. Bring your results to your trial lesson.
  4. During the trial we’ll get to know each other so you can see if I’m the right fit for your. I’ll evaluate your spoken language skills and determine your needs and wishes.
  5. Based on my analysis you’ll receive an individual offer and plan to reach your desired aims. Rates for Academic German lessons start at EUR 60,-/60 mins and depend on the degree of individualisation.

No idea about your goals? No worries, we can also set them together during the trial lesson.