I am a Vienna-based language teacher, learner, researcher, student, editor and bookworm with an eye for detail, passion for linguistics and highly effective teaching strategies. Find out here why you should hire me!


I’m an experienced English and German teacher, copy editor and project manager who has worked in academia, for research projects, private schools and language institutes in Austria, Burkina Faso, Taiwan and Georgia for ten years. I hold a first-class MA degree, a BA in linguistics as well as a CELTA and the CPE.


My academic expertise includes writing, translating, proofreading, editing and publishing in academic outlets, drafting, editing and submitting project applications, financing, documentation and project management, as well as organisation and supervision of university courses, lectures, academic talks, literary readings and conferences.


I’m passionate about language and learning and use my own enthusiasm, professionalism and progression to native-speaker level in a foreign language to inspire student engagement. My lessons are based on communicative and authentic tasks, tailored to each individual student’s needs and objectives.


As an avid traveller, I appreciate the possibility of furthering professional development while exploring new cultures. I have visited and worked in over 30 countries and started a blog called Wild and Without with my partner, where we share our travel stories.